Common Struggles

Are you compelled to eat as an emotional response to your thoughts and feelings?

If you eat when you are upset, frustrated, tired, lonely, or angry the answer most likely is yes.  Food feels like the perfect temporary solution- that is, until it is finished, and then guilt sets in because the food choice may not have been healthy.  Try to choose other behaviors as an emotional response, such as taking a walk or calling a friend.

Do you make poor food choices because of peer pressure?

It is far easier to go with the flow when those around you are eating unhealthy foods.  It takes self-control and determination to follow your weight loss plan at social gatherings or all you can eat buffets. Congratulate yourself when you stick to your plan and successfully fend off unhealthy snacking urges.

Do you eat out of boredom?

Food can become a time-filler when you are bored.  Don’t fall into this trap! Try to motivate yourself and choose a fun and interesting activity where food is not involved, it will be easier to wait for your regularly scheduled meal.

Do you feel guilty leaving food on your plate? 

Many of us were told as a child to finish all food on our plate.  These childhood habits should no longer gauge how much food you should eat.  Learning to gauge by fullness is a better way to eat. 

Do you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic illnesses?

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) has been proven to help reduce, and in some cases, eliminate symptoms and side effects of chronic disease states.  Adjusting your eating and exercise habits can lead to decreasing the need for medication as well as increasing your quality of life while living in a disease state.
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