Personal Services


One on One Nutrition Counseling:

One on one nutrition counseling is helpful for those who are trying to gain or lose weight, diabetes patients, high blood pressure patients, high cholesterol patients, or those just wanting to make improved nutritional choices.  In our counseling sessions we cover how to read a food label, meal planning, emotional eating, how to shop, how to eat out, and numerous other topics that aid the individual client.

Personalized Meal Planning:

Clients can fill out a 3 day food record for evaluation.  We will review current needs as related to current goals. Choices and portion sizes for both meals and snacks are reviewed extensively to ensure success. This may be done in person, via skype, or over the phone/email.

 Complete Body Composition Assessment:

An assessment of body fat vs. lean body mass is preformed using seven different body sites and a Lange skin fold caliper.  Results will be reviewed in detail to better establish current fitness goals.

Individualized and Group Cooking Sessions:

Cooking classes can be arranged for 1-6 people.  Classes include, but are not limited to ten minute meals, low fat cooking, and learning to use herbs and spices.

Individualized and Group Grocery Store Tours:

A forty-five minute tour through the grocery store to show tips on how to pick the proper foods for your lifestyle goals.  A grocery store guide is provided as well as cooking tips and coupons.

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