Corporate Services

12-Week Total Wellness Challenge 

nutrition and exercise program designed to reduce body fat and improve strength, endurance, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose over a 12-week time-table. Individualized meal plans, weekly group nutrition lessons*, and individualized exercise routines* are designed for each participating employee. Employees compete to become the most improved with total body wellness.  A prize for the winner can be discussed for incentive. 



* Weekly nutrition lessons can be preformed with Lunch & Learns or power point presentations over the internet; Exercise plan can be created on DVD for those who travel or have time conflicts.



 Lunch & Learns 



Lunch and Learns for your company can be designed to help improve employees overall lifestyle habits and educate employees on today’s current health crisis’ such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity for both themselves and their families. Lunch and Learn topics include, but are not limited to the following:


  • How to read a food label, hidden calories & fat
  • Restaurant eating
  • Emotional cues vs. true hunger
  • Cooking light & simple
  • Grocery store tour
  • Holiday/Celebration eating tips
  • Alcohol tips
  • Portion control

Group Personal Training


            1. One on One initial meeting

                        a. review current goals

                        b. assess physical abilities/ limitations

                        c. body fat assessment

                        d. strength assessment

                        e. flexability assessment


           2. Group functional training sessions

                        a. 30 minutes or 1 hour sessions

                        b. 1 -2 times/week

                        c. Lunch, or before/ after work availability

                        d. 3-5 people per session


3.      Fitness evaluations every 6 weeks

a. to assure progression is as expected

b. print out given for their records




            1. Buelitin Boards on various nutrition/exercise info

            2. Nutrition Tip of the week- emailed to each employee

            3. Monthly Newsletters on health & wellness

            4. Consulting for gym layout- legal issues, space saving, etc.


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