Performance Nutrition Services


For athletes, how you fuel your body can make the difference between success and failure. The objective is to design a customized game plan to help clients excel on, and off, the field by using research-based nutrition training.



              Body Fat Reduction:         

      We will discuss your optimal body fat percentage for your sport, how your current eating habits effect your body fat, and what changes need to be made to achieve your goals.

Lean Body Mass Increases:

      Gaining lean body mass (MUSCLE) is different than gaining overall weight.  We will discuss how to change your eating in order to increase your lean body mass while keeping your body fat at an optimal level.

Pre- and Post- Competition Eating:

      We will discuss how & what to eat -before, during, and after competition as well as on the road.

Supplement Use Counseling:

      Supplements are meant to be just that- supplemental.  After reviewing your current eating habits we will discuss different supplement options that may help reach your goals.  We will counsel you on safety, efficacy, and legality of supplemental use if needed.

Injury Rehab: 

      Science has proven that certain macro- and micro- nutrients are needed to help you heal from injury- whether that injury is a simple sprain or one that requires surgery.  We will discuss what foods you will need to incorporate into your eating habits both before and after surgery to help you get back to training as quick as possible.

Hydration Nutrition:

      Performance decreases by % when you are dehydrated.  You also raise your risk of injury and serious illness when you are dehydrated.  We will discuss symptoms of dehydration and how to prevent cramping and dehydration before, during, and after your sport activity.

Team Talks on Various Subjects:

     Team talks can be from any of the above listed subjects as well as eating on the road, cooking 10 minute meals, and any other nutrition issue your team is lacking education on.


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