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 Jacksonville University Sports Medicine Symposium 4/10/13

Articles in the News:

Newspaper Articles

Steps to Avoid Food Poisoning http://ow.ly/e4LXc

Healthy Summertime Snacks http://ow.ly/e4M77

Are You Eating Under a Health Halo? http://ow.ly/e4MbF

Eat Anything You Want! http://ow.ly/e4MhB

What's in Your Easter Basket? http://ow.ly/e4Mlg

Beware of the Tricks in Your Halloween Treats:http://ow.ly/e4MoB

Put Down the Salt Shaker:http://ow.ly/e4Msm

Is Organic for You?http://ow.ly/e4MAr

Whats in Your Glass of Milk?http://ow.ly/e4ME9

Experiment with Grains! http://ow.ly/e4MGG

Jacksonville News Media:

Ken Amaro's Top 10 Lunches Under $7 http://ow.ly/e4MKa

National News Media:

John Salley: Best Meal Ever! http://ow.ly/k0GiD

Energy Crisis, Dangerous Drinks http://ow.ly/e4MNi

Magazine Articles:

April 2012, Gluten Free- Not Just a Fadhttp://ow.ly/e4MQt

May 2012, Paleo Diet- 101 http://ow.ly/e4MTm

January 2013, Food Intolerances http://ow.ly/gVVOG

March 2014, In Love and Health http://trendmag2.trendoffset.com/publication/?i=198768

ANOTHER Reason why all athletes should utilize a Board Certified Sports Dietitian:
Athlete's Travel Eating

Websites Worth Checking Out:

  1. Collegaite & Professional Sports Dietitian Assoiciation www.sportsrd.org
  2. Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics www.eatright.org
  3. Gatorade Sports Science Institute www.Gssiweb.org
  4. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network www.foodallergy.org
  5. American Heart Association www.americanheart.org
  6. American Cancer Association www.cancer.org
  7. American Diabetes Association www.diabetes.org
  8. Consumer Lab Supplement Testing www.consumerlab.com
  9. Supplement Testing www.supplement411.org
  10. Certified For Sport www.nsf.org
  11. Diet Spotlight www.Dietspotlight.com
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